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They Poop, We Scoop!

January 04, 2022

Sometimes I am amazed by how phenomenal pet-parents are!

Fecal/stool samples are an important part of our health screening in animals, especially since they like to explore the world with their mouths. It's a triple bag, and it-goes-in-the-trunk endeavor when I transport my pet's "business" to the clinic. Aren't you thankful poop samples are not a regular part of our health screens?!

Anyway, as veterinarians, we acknowledge both the difficulty of obtaining a sample as well as the grossness of it. One example of the commitment and creativity that owners have was demonstrated when these amazing owners installed their Ring doorbell in the kitty litter box room to obtain the appropriate cat's fecal for its appointment. Here's to you if you're reading this- you are a cleverer and more willing pet parent than most of us veterinarians! Thank you!