Vet Blog

The Unexpected Fulfillment of Potential

December 29, 2021

There is something about the potential that gives us hope. We all know the feeling when a day has something we look forward to.

That giddy, "couldn't sleep" excitement because of a surprise, a gift, or a new job, car, home, relationship, or friendship. At the onset, we picture and can imagine how… (fill in the blank) will enhance or improve our lives. We can picture all the future adventures, memories, and joy that will come from the change or the thing we're embarking upon. This hopeful potential is often a welcome distraction; it's empowering.

We do this with our pets. Before the meeting, adopting or rescuing, in our hearts, there is potential-the potential of companionship, joy, stories, adventures, and relationships.

That "potential hope" is something we have to remind ourselves of when we meet the frustrating reality- puppies and potty training scratches on the furniture, another time demand, unexpected health issues. Because of this, it's so important to measure and store fulfillment. Don't miss it. Log that smile and story and share it. This is the gift: hope realized. Though it is usually different than we expected, it is better because it is real.