Vet Blog

Thank You For Saying “Thank You”

April 05, 2022

Veterinary medicine is an interesting crossroads of the healthcare and service industries. We are providing medical care and diagnostics, but if the service is poor, bad information is given, or problems are not addressed, there are a plethora of other veterinary clinics to go to.

We know that to treat your pet effectively, we must both perform the work needed AND demonstrate compassionate care. Balancing these is the function of our job, yet it's humbling to consider the level of gratitude we receive.

We are just doing our jobs, yet people bring us cookies.

We are fulfilling our professional oath, yet we are given thank you cards.

Clients are paying for our services, yet they also buy us lunch.

I'm blown away by the thoughtfulness and generosity of our clients! Mugsley's owner expressed their gratitude again for how I helped him four years ago and the impact that had on their family.

Kenzie, Ryker, and Kona's mom frequently bakes cheesecakes and cookies or brings homemade salsa. These are just a few examples of the many instances of overwhelming kindness shown by our clients.

We are privileged to receive accolades for what we do! So I wanted to say "thank you"! These gestures and expressions mean more than can be articulated. They inspire, motivate, challenge, and encourage us. Thank you.