Vet Blog

Eyes To See

March 22, 2022

Life can change on a dime. A dog who was happily romping on the golf course came down with a fever, fungal pneumonia, blindness, and death in just two weeks.

A cat was hospitalized with severe illness while the family was traveling far away, wondering what would happen. The joy of a new puppy destroyed by a fatal wound from a dog fight. A diagnosis. An accident. A death of a family member, including the furry kind.

There are things that disrupt our agenda. And then there are things that change our trajectory. Those moments in which we cannot walk away unchanged. If you have eyes to see, every acquaintance or brief interaction may give you a lens into a soul that's changing from a circumstance cast upon it.

Maybe if we held those trajectory-changing moments in perspective, then we'd find ourselves less agitated with the agenda-disrupting ones. Maybe we would meet those around us with more grace recognizing there is more going on than what meets the eye. There is a story, likely a tragedy, a discrepancy between how life ought to have gone and how it went or is going. Maybe we'd understand the miracle of heartbreak endured.

If you, like me, have met a bit of despair this week, keep praying, "give me faith to be strong and strength to be faithful" (Andrew Peterson - "Faith to Be Strong"). If this finds you in more of the agenda-disrupting kind of season, remember to see those around you as we walk this Human experience together.