Vet Blog


June 28, 2022

No one likes the "cone of shame".

While it may appear to be a veterinarian's favorite thing to prescribe, I promise that it isn't! If there was any other way to keep Fluffy or Fido from licking the wound, chewing their sutures, or scratching their eyeballs, we would certainly opt for it. Our reputation with these furry family members is already in dire straits!

So, as sweet & pitiful as that face is in the cone- don't trust it! Please, as much as it's within your control, do not let your pet undo the work that we've done by removing the cone! Your pet's body is working hard to heal. We've worked hard, given our time & our expertise, to do it right the first time! You already paid the cost to treat it- the financial, physical, and emotional cost. We all truly wish there was another way!

Now, if they do happen to sabotage our work, their own healing, and the money you paid to treat it- let's, please call it what it is instead of saying their sutures fell out! Acceptance is the first step to healing, and we will do our best to fix it.

Finally, if your furry beast was prescribed a "cone of shame," don't forget about the Halloween-costume potential that will make it all worthwhile! Just imagine that sweet face dressed up as a martini glass, scuba diver, spin-wheel, flower, astronaut, or popcorn bowl after they've healed!