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July 12, 2022

"Don't be alarmed; the creature walking in is NOT a bear!" announced the associate at Dick's Sporting Goods.

people can marvel at them.

It's easy to see the resemblance between Leonberger dogs and grizzlies with their sheer size, furry faces, and weight ranging between 120-170lb.

The owners, if you ask them, will tell you that Sweetums is missing a kidney and Bertram is missing his brain. I was smiling ear to ear, listening to the shenanigans Bertram was into. He pooped out a dryer sheet (ouch). He recently shattered a glass window by jumping up to lean on it. He's 110lb and thinks he's a lap dog. He carries anything and everything in his mouth… not anything useful, and not like a typical pup carrying socks or a toy… we're talking a dumbbell weight, a bunch of bananas, a plastic bazooka gun, a toy truck, a flashlight, a dollhouse. He proudly delivers these items to his owner like prized possessions.

While we're pretty certain Bertram would not survive in the wild, he is full of such ceaseless entertainment and mayhem that his family will keep him anyway!