Vet Blog

Know Your Why

February 01, 2022

Why do we do what we do? Or what led us to do what we do? There are a few things that could probably be assumed…

Like a love for animals, passion for science and medicine, a desire to solve problems and serve others, a long-standing dream to work in this profession, a preference for patients that cannot talk back…(just kidding on this last one- our patients bite instead of back-talk!!)

We do it for the relationship. For the special bond we have with our pets and the incredible impact they have on our lives. From service animals assisting their handlers, to the family dog that ate yet another pair of underwear, to the independent cat that has made a permanent indent on the sofa -we are privileged to have these 4-leggeds in our lives. And we, as veterinarians, are privileged to help promote the health, happiness and longevity of theirs.