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Dog vs Cat or Dog and Cat?

February 08, 2022

Dog-Cat friendships are one of my favorite things to hear about. I live vicariously through these stories since I can either have a husband or a cat, not both!

Zoey has ninja cat moves as she stands on her back legs and paw-punches Poco, the sweet pit-bull, to get him to play. She redeems her behavior by helping teach Poco to bravely go down the new stairs. In his defense, his tumble would be quite ungraceful!

Scout, the kitten, quickly bonded with and romps with Roscoe, the Boston Terrier, but remains unwelcomed by the 14-year-old OG household cat.

Charlie, the 50lb pup, learned to lay on the back of the couch and sunbathe in the window from Socks, the cat. One falls off a bit more often and is a little tougher on the furniture than the other…

Harley learned to fetch from Onyx, though he has to stick with bottle caps instead of a tennis ball.

Bailey yields to Fiona, the cat, as she decides that the dog food is actually for her, it just requires some extra chewing to accommodate the kibble size!

Bruce (dog) and Marley (cat) bond over drinking out of the bathroom faucet together and licking the remaining flavored water off of the shower floor.

Millie learned to love the cat after discovering the delicacy of litter box snacks. Multi-species pet owners, please rest assured that you are not alone in this battle!

While it's certainly a treasure when these companions get along, equal entertainment value is provided when witnessing the battle of the wills of the species. It generally goes better if everyone just accepts: cats always win.