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Stevie Gave Him Purpose Again

May 30, 2022

Mr. William was an honorable and kind veteran with PTSD whose list of additional health problems could fill this page. Despite his own disheveled appearance and strong odor, he adored and took phenomenal care of Stevie.

This little orange kitten was his joy! Sweet, spunky Stevie gave him reason to get out of bed in the morning. She was worth no longer smoking in the house for. Her playfulness brought a smile to a hurting body & mind. She gave him moments of freedom as I listened to his stories. What power this little furball had.

It's an honor to witness the profound impact pets have on individual lives, especially those that are hurting. On this Memorial Day, let's honor those who have given their lives for our freedom. Let's remember that many veterans and active military while still physically alive, may be far from free due to PTSD and other ailments. Let's do all that we can that they may find purpose and hope again.