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One Stubborn Angel

January 19, 2022

Gracie is a gorgeous (and slobbery) 130lb Saint Bernard. Her hallmark quality is her stubbornness.

This started at a very early age! Even though she was dressed as an angel, Gracie naughtily failed her puppy class! This definitely foreshadowed some battles of the wills yet to come.

It was Halloween and the owners were invited to dress their dogs up for the final class. Instead of walking the room heeling, Gracie caught a whiff of something exciting and went racing leashless through the store with her angel wings a-flapping and halo sideways! There's only so much you can do when your dog weighs more than you! She was unphased by any amount of calling, treats, or toys offered to her. This wasn't the first and certainly wouldn't be the last time she stubbornly went her own way. I'm sure the course instructor struggled to hold back a smile as he informed the owner that, unfortunately, "angel" Gracie could not graduate from puppy school. Just imagine what she would have done with her mortarboard and graduation gown!