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Her Names Means “Beautiful”

December 21, 2021

It is rare to see a patient so regularly, and unfortunately, it usually is not a good thing when there are such frequent visits to the vet clinic.

With Bella, it was always a bright spot in my day, and it helped mark the time as I often was surprised that it had already been a month since her last cancer check.

She had an aggressive cancer called hemangiosarcoma, affecting her spleen and liver. Bella always greeted me with a raspy bark instructing me to get her a cookie (or a few). At nearly 15 years old, she still had the mind and heart of a four-year-old pup, an exuberant joy about walks, food, pets, and an unparalleled loyalty in companionship. She had a sweetness that made it difficult to believe that she was sick. It is a privilege and an honor to witness a life well-lived. While I was the one treating her, she was the teacher.