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November 08, 2022

I have a confession… Halloween is my least favorite holiday with pets. The 4th of July is certainly a close runner-up and is way worse for some families

I have another confession… I'm the kind of person that puts a bowl of candy in front of the door, relying on the Ring Doorbell to hold kids accountable while I escape to my friend's house in the country. Please do not misunderstand, I do like kids and I think dressing them up in costumes is on the top 10 list for reasons to have them! It's my pets that are the problem!

I do admit that pet Halloween costumes are super cute too, but for me, they still don't outweigh the annoyances of the day…

For example, when you have a corner house with two street-facing "front" doors so you have to run back and forth between them; or you've had to join trick-o-treaters chasing your two dogs after they escaped from one of said doors; or your dog still thinks its their job to alert you when someone is at the door even though the doorbell already did just that… let's just say avoidance of the Halloween evening fun is the trick to my treat!

(p.s. Gigli and George [pictured], you did almost make me change my mind!)