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Doofus x10

August 08, 2022

"He's not stupid!" the owner exclaimed as they described their pup's antics.

This resonated with me as I thought about my own doodle. He knows exactly what I'm asking him to do, but he doesn't do it! So, I'll repeat myself in case he doesn't hear me. I'll make eye contact and do the hand motion. Still, no reaction. But, as soon as I get a treat, he immediately does what I previously asked him to do. He's smart enough to hold out until he sees what's in it for him!

There are those times, though, when I still wonder about his intelligence… like when he has a sock dangling from his mouth, barks incessantly at the unphased, immovable squirrel, drops his ball under the couch for the challenge of getting it again, or tries to figure out how to get two toys in his mouth simultaneously… This owner phrased it perfectly: some dogs just rank high on the doofus scale. Murphy-Moose, this one's for you.